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Wellness Coaching

With my experience from Wellness Coaching and life training, I can share that the most powerful underlying problem with customers from the training aspect is confidence and self love.
Lack of confidence and not enough self love shows itself in any of the trouble spots I experience – poor relationships, a lack of money, the not there yet career or battling with harmful emotions – self-confidence, or the absence of it, is the structure upon which all these challenges grow from.

It has to do with building confidence like going to the gym.

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Confidence is about standing strong in who you are. It’s about releasing the have to seek joy and approval through others and having an understanding that you are not broken, in fact, you are OKAY just as you are – despite your frailties and weaknesses!  That is an effective affirmation of self approval for wellness coaching if ever I heard one!

Commemorate your failures, not simply your successes

It’s natural to be thrilled about our successes. If the secret to success is to increase our failures, then it only makes sense to commemorate our problems.

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When is the last time you rewarded yourself for failing? Probably never ever! Instead of psychologically penalizing yourself for not prospering, purchase yourself an ice cream cone and state, “I’m one action more detailed to success!” Stop letting failure have the unfavorable hold it has on your thoughts and emotions.

See guts as a “muscle”.
If failure is an automobile that can take you to success, then guts is the fuel! Nerve is a muscle. And, like any muscle, you must develop and reinforce it with lots of exercise.
As the saying goes: Use it, or lose it. It’s no different with courage. Use and establish your courage muscle by looking fear in the eye and acting anyhow. Each time you act, the courage muscle gets more powerful.

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When you don’t, it atrophies. And prior to you know it your nerve is gone. It does not have to be this way with wellness coaching.  All the nerve you could ever desire or need to achieve every objective you have is currently in you, just waiting on you to take action.

Change your psychological models, intentionally increase your failure rate, set “no” goals, celebrate your failures and see guts as a muscle, and you’ll significantly increase your success rate in six months guaranteed.

Why do we typically have this belief that everybody else appears to be far more positive than we are and that in some method we are fatally flawed, doomed to spend the rest of our life beating ourselves up for not being great enough? Why do we discover it such a task to enhance our own confidence and praise ourselves for our achievements?

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My personal lack of confidence had actually dragged me through an extended drinking problem, an abusive work relationship and several other agonizing major life experiences. Nevertheless, it was because of this lack of confidence that I took the confidence problem front on and provided my own confidence ‘muscle’ some well-deserved attention. I can’t tell you how great it now feels to stand up for myself, put some limits in place and feel great of deserving the best in life!

What if, beginning today, the word “no” didn’t stop you anymore? What if whenever you heard the word “no” you became more powerful, more powerful, and more resistant? What if the greatest success method on the planet was not to opt for yes, however to go for no?

Well, it is. The word “no” does not have to incapacitate you. In fact, it can empower you to accomplish a whole new level of success you never dreamed possible. You might believe this is just a sales technique. It is a sales technique. It’s a life viewpoint too.

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Whether we define ourselves as salespeople or not, we are all engaged in the sales procedure. In wellness coaching all of us need to overcome worries of failure and rejection to be effective and accomplish what we want. Here are my top five secrets to assist you turn failure into success immediately:.

Modification your mental design of success and failure.
Most people operate with the following psychological model:.
They see themselves in the middle, with success on one end and failure on the other. They do whatever they can to move towards success and away from failure.


Instead of seeing failure as something to be avoided, turn it into a stepping-stone on the course to success and gratification. In other words: Success is the destination. Failure is how you get there.

To achieve considerable success in today’s world, failure is not simply a possibility. It’s a requirement of wellness coaching. We need to see success and failure for what they truly are. They re not opposites, but instead opposite sides of the very same coin.