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Consulting Services International of Costa Rica, LLC (CSI-8.COM) performs global investigation services for private individuals, businesses, insurance agencies, VIP's, and Governments. The ability to globally deploy and insert top-level field investigators anywhere in the world, deliver advanced high-tech services such as computer forensics and human DNA collection & analysis is what elevates our organization above our competitors.

Our Private Investigation agency offers the following services:

-Skip Trace
-Divorce Investigations
-Missing Person Investigations
-Infidelity Investigations - SIGNS OF A CHEATING SPOUSE
-Insurance Investigations
-High-Tech Crime Investigations

-Due Diligence
-Background Checks
-Asset Search
-Employee Screening
-Pre-Travel Risk Analysis
-Asset Recovery
-Mate Check Investigations

-Fraud Examination
-Procedure Analysis
-Fraud Prevention
-Fraud Recovery

-Computer Forensic Investigations
-Cell Phone Forensic Investigations
-Data Recovery
-Forensic Imaging
-Forensic Analysis
-Expert Witness

If you are considering hiring a private investigator there are some important factors to consider first. During the course of an investigation it is routinely necessary to go far beyond the requirement of just having a PI license. Circumstances often dictate the need for intelligence information that must be obtained from outside sources. This may include performing a Computer Forensic Analysis on a subject’s hard drive, or collecting undergarments for DNA and serology analysis, or tracing the owner of a vehicle, or locating an address on a telephone number. International investigations require the timely delivery of logistic and intelligence information to investigators working in the field.

There is no substitute for professional training and experience. Our senior international investigator has over 30 years of experience and has held Top Secret intelligence positions with the United States Department of Defense. Professional training and certification was accomplished from Virginia to California in the United States, training alongside FBI agents, high-tech law enforcement agents, and international Fraud investigators.

Another important consideration for selecting a private investigation agency is cost. We have heard all the horror stories about people being taken advantage of. Our approach to fees and retainers is not based on flat rates and low retainers to sign the deal. Every case presents a new set of circumstances and should be treated in a unique manner. Since it is impossible to predict how much time will be required to accomplish the objective of catching a cheating spouse, or locating a teenage runaway, it is necessary to work from an Investigative Plan of Action. Surveys of clients that have come to us after other organizations failed to achieve their objectives revealed that the many clients were overcharged for services that yielded absolutely no results.

Possibly one of the most important considerations is the sophistication of the agency. If you live in an upper-class neighborhood and your investigator drives a junker car you can be reasonably assured that he or she will not remain undetected. A Mercedes would be more ideal for this type of case. Your case may require the use of a female operative. If an investigation agency has only male employees this will be a losing proposition before the first dollar is spent. With unlimited sophisticated resources at our disposal we stand ready to solve cases under the most challenging circumstances.

Many of our clients arrive as referrals from prominent attorneys and law firms. As a result, we have learned a great deal about the law, expert witness testimony, and how to work together in the best interests of our mutual clients. Now, attorney and investigator are keenly in-tune with each other as the case develops from evidence collection to litigation.

We encourage you to view the “About Our Company” page on our web site to learn more about our company. We sincerely appreciate your consideration of our agency for this assignment and we invite you to reach the same conclusion as thousands of others have…to entrust us to make a difference in your life with results!

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