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Coaching Services International

Coaching Services International is a collective task between 8 life coaches for the purpose of social contribution, – improving the social advancement and the wellness of the training community and society at large. It is carried out as an entirely humanitarian endeavor, although of course we recognize that the 8 included life coaches are no doubt entitled to take advantage of the service and putting their names out there.

We’re building a strong social media network of coaches to support the values of offering, supporting, and connecting. This job is open to all life coaches and therapists who look for to further fulfill their life mission of helping others. Being of service is a crucial element in success – and offering your services to the universe signifies that objective.

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It is for those who seek to add to the betterment of our world by offering pro-bono (no charge) service to under-resourced customers and organisations that require our assistance, while developing mutually useful connections with other like-minded coaches. It has to do with helping others out whilst also helping ourselves – an essential tenet of numerous spiritual schools of thought.

The Coaching Services International is honoured to be able to supply training services to individuals, charity organisations and other under-resourced groups who have a desire/ require for coaching but do not have the funds to afford it. This suggests we can assist where we might otherwise not be called upon. And frequently, it remains in this area that the best jumps forward are achieved.

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It troubled him however, that just the most upscale members of Western society were able to benefit from the life changing effects of coaching. He couldn’t help but question about the transformative impact coaching would have in World Personal Development if Coaching Services International was offered to everyone, not simply those who might afford it.

Welcome to Coaching Services International, and may your experience be rich, different and believed provoking. Individual development is a journey of expedition and marvel. To connect with the committee behind CSI-8. com – please send the connected contact form.